​​jacquelyn saylor photography


           In November 2011, I experienced a major stroke on the left side of my brain, resulting in the loss of my ability to talk, read, and write. I was paralyzed on my right side. I have since learned to talk, walk, drive, write and take pictures with my left hand. Despite my limited communication skills, I continue to express myself though my photography.  I love to use photography to point out life’s interesting details and capture informal portraits of people, nature, and ever-changing cities.  One of my favorite pastimes is capturing the interplay of images as they tell the story of memories and times past.
           I developed a love of photography in elementary school, where I spent hours in our small darkroom at the Children’s School in Atlanta.  In college, I pursued courses to learn more about photography as an art form and was the only non-art major asked to participate in a show at the University of Pennsylvania. 
           While working as a middle school teacher in Atlanta, I combined my love of teaching and photography in my role as a yearbook advisor.  I continued to use my photography skills at my job in San Francisco, taking photos for marketing and advocacy materials.  In both jobs, I enjoyed capturing all kinds of events, especially as they impacted the lives of the youth.

2011 berlin, germany